Membership Benefits

Why Join the Northwest Bears?
It's fun and only $20 per year! Potlucks, Men, great Events, Fundraisers for community and the club and more!
A little bit about us: Potlucks are now on the first Saturday of most months at the Cuff 6-8 pm.
We are proud to say NW Bears home bar is The CUFF Complex!! This is where we have many of our club functions and a great fun bar and dance club! 1533 13th Ave, Seattle WA 206-323-1525.

We also have a NWBears Club Members only Facebook Page and NWBears Yahoo group for NWBear Club current/paid members for posting news plus to communicate with each other and for timely announcements about our Club and other bear events. All Club posts are equally made on both.  Membership is only $20 per year and helps pay for our storage unit ($1200+ per year), website costs ($500 per year), and cost of running the NWB Club events.

If you are a member, please sign up to our NWBears Club Members Facebook Page for current announcements or sign up at our NWBears Club Members Yahoo Page.
If you are a non-member our Northwest Bears Public Event Facebook Page for a good way to start to know the club then come join an activity with us!
Want to join us? Click here for an Online Membership Form.
Fill out the online membership application, or print and mail a membership application and get involved with your local NWBears Community and the NWBears Club!


Detailed Benefits of Membership. (Only $20 for one year.)

  • Priority over non-members for fees and registration for major events like Spring Thaw and Kamp Kodiak.
  • You save money…  Reduced or no cover charge at select bar events
  • Discounts at participating merchants
  • Bear Hump! Steamwork discount with membership card. EVERY Wednesday of each month from 1 - 7 pm "A mid-week gathering of Furry Men! We want more bears! Our #BearHump party at Steamworks Seattle is now a weekly event every Wednesday afternoon/evening. Remember to flash your Northwest Bears Membership card and we'll give you a discount!"
  • You make new friends and contact.
  • Listing in the Members Only Membership Directory (optional)
  • You know what’s going on through our NWB Members NWBears Club Members Facebook Page and NWBears Yahoo groups.

    Access to the club-wide email distribution list that is ONLY for current paid NWBears members.
    Email notification and reminders about upcoming events and you can send emails to the Club! (non-spam type please)

  • You have the ability to make things happen...

    The right to vote on issues
    By leading and/or participating on committees
    By presenting activities to the board

  • Your $20 yearly dues help the Northwest Bears operate...

    Without dues paying members, the Club could not continue to plan, promote and sponsor the activities and events that impact the Bear Community and the quality of life in the Northwest through our yearly giving to Charities and in need families.

    Dues pay for:

    Insurance, licenses, taxes

    Postage, materials and computer supplies


    Storage. A 10 X 10 room


    Potluck and picnic venues

    Club supplied food for picnics, Thanksgiving and Christmas potlucks

    Supplies for potlucks (paper plates, silverware, etc.)

    Camping equipment

    Prizes, badges, patches, pins, trophies, etc.